Heidts Suspensions- The Differences Between Series

The Differences Between Heidts Mustang II, SUPERRIDE, SUPERRIDE II and PRO-G Suspension Systems

For over 35 years, our mission at Heidts has been to improve the ride, handling and performance of your hot rod or muscle car. We do that by modernizing its suspension with high-quality components and complete systems that replace outdated suspension designs. All of our parts are designed, prototyped and thoroughly tested by our in-house engineering team at our Lake Zurich, Illinois headquarters. Our fabricators weld and craft those components with the utmost attention to fit, quality and construction. Suspension is our business along with providing the best customer service possible.

As enthusiasts ourselves, we understand that everyone has different needs and budgets when it comes to building their dream car. That is why we don’t just offer one suspension system in the hope of fulfilling your requirements. Instead, we have multiple solutions so you can get exactly what you want without overspending. There are also optional extras within each system for even further customization. Let’s take a closer look at our different suspension systems to understand their differences.

Mustang II Systems

Our Mustang II Front Suspension Systems are built for those converting solid-axle setups to the better ride, handling and performance of an independent front suspension. They cover most applications from the 1930s-50s and include vehicle-specific crossmembers for precise fitment and easy installation. Weld-in kits are available, along with bolt-on options for the welder-less. Our Mustang II kits come with tubular upper control arms, lower a-arms, a crossmember, GM calipers, drop spindles, 11-inch rotors, springs, shocks and manual rack-and-pinion steering. We also include all the “minor” parts like rubber spring cushions, spindle nuts, bushings and all mounting hardware to make it a complete kit, eliminating the need to source your own components. Optional extras include power steering, larger brakes, coilovers and sway bars.

Sticking with mostly “off-the-shelf” parts mated to our custom-engineered crossmember allows us to deliver our Mustang II Suspension Systems at a lower price point. It also gives the major benefit of being able to source parts easily. Most of the components used can be found at your local auto parts store for easy maintenance and replacement.

Superide and Superide II Systems

A step up from our popular Mustang II offerings for hot rods, muscle cars and classic trucks with solid front axles are our SUPERRIDE and SUPERIDE II front suspension systems. Perfect for those looking to upgrade to IFS who spend occasional time at the track, both include our in-house built adjustable upper control arms. Billet aluminum coilovers come standard for the ultimate ride comfort and handling. To match the increased capability, the braking system of the SUPERRIDE and SUPERRIDE II has also been upgraded with 11-inch rotors and four-piston Wilwood calipers. Stabilizer bars and a power steering rack (SUPERIRDE II only) are also included. Like our Mustang II systems, both versions of the SUPERRIDE come as a complete hub-to-hub kit for a smooth installation and have optional upgrades available.

Our SUPERRIDE and SUPERRIDE II Systems provide a smoother ride than our Mustang II kits. The larger-body coilovers offer more damping, increasing control and confidence in the corners. And our threaded upper control arms allow you to dial in the perfect alignment for track or street use.

Pro-G Systems

The pinnacle of our offerings is our PRO-G kits for muscle cars already equipped with IFS or swapping to IRS. Built for pro-tourers or those attacking the track, PRO-G Suspension Systems deliver the ultimate ride, handling and cornering capability. Everything about the PRO-G is heavy-duty to withstand hard track use, including our custom crossmembers. Providing massive stopping power are Wilwood four-piston calipers and 11-inch rotors with the option to upgrade to larger 13-inch rotors. Adjustable billet coilovers, power steering and drop spindles are also standard features of the PRO-G kits. Our stout and in-house built control arms offer maximum adjustability to dial in camber and other parameters for the track properly.

While the highest-performance suspension we offer, the PRO-G isn’t solely focused on track use. It actually delivers the best ride of all our offerings, making it a versatile and capable system. PRO-G kits are also available as a rear independent suspension conversion for those looking to ditch antiquated leaf springs.




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