1928-1931 FORD Rear Parallel 4-Link Kit Installation Instructions

Please read these instructions completely BEFORE starting your installation!

Your HEIDTS Hot Rod Shop 4-Link Kit contains the following items:

  • 2) Axle Brackets
  • 2) Lower Frame Brackets
  • 4) 5º Adjustable Link Bars 1)
  • 4-Link Hardware Kit

(NOTE: Coil-over Shocks, Upper Mounts and Hardware are Optional)

1. Begin by installing the Axle Brackets onto the housing. They are located 41-5/8” apart, as shown in Figure 1, and on the 2º angle shown in Figure 2, which is the pinion angle. Your pinion angle may not be 2º, but it must be determined at this time. Make sure that both Brackets are the same distance from the ends of the axle housing. The Axle Brackets should be tack welded to the housing, and the assembly double checked for square and correct pinion angle.

2. Install the Lower Frame Brackets onto the underside of the frame at the 2-1/4” dimension from the top running board bracket hole. Some trimming may be required to position the brackets vertical on a stock frame. Tack weld in place. See Figure 3. Note that this kit is designed for a fully boxed frame. Frame should be boxed at least 6” forward of the Lower Mounts and all the way to the rear.

3. Position the axle housing in the frame using the Adjustable Link Bars with the 5º ends to the rear and adjusters to the front. Set the pinion angle to match the angle of the engine which should place the rear coil- over mounts vertical. Use the 5/8-18 bolts and lock nuts supplied.

4. Tack weld in place. Check for floor pan clearance before final welding. If all is in place correctly, remove the Link Bars and finish weld all brackets. Final welding should be performed by a qualified welder.

5. The pinion angle can be fine adjusted using the Lower Link Bars, see Figure 4. Install the optional upper coil-over shock mounts per their instructions, and install coil-overs onto the mounts and axle housing brackets using a coil-over hardware installation kit.

Click here for printable version for this install.

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  1. Leonard Baker says:

    Question about Heidt’s Mustang II front end 28-29 model A installation. Is there a left and right side for the A -arms.
    I notice that there was a slight angle on onre side lower arms.
    The installation instructions do not indicate that there is a difference. The pictures isn’t very clear.
    Thank you

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