Heidts-equipped Camaros Hitting the Autocross Circuit in 2012

In addition to all the events the Heidts team is attending during the summer of 2012, the Heidts Pro G equipped ’71 Camaro is tearing it up at Goodguys autocross events and Optima Street Car Invitational events around the country.

Click on the image below to watch some of the autocross video from the recent Nashville Goodguys event. The Heidts Camaro, driven by sales manager Mike Hawley, begins terrorizing the cones at the 2:12 mark.

And check out this video of both the Heidts ’71 Camaro and Randy Johnson’s  “Re-Peeled” ’70 Camaro at a Goodguys event in Joliet, IL.

Be sure to keep your eyes – and your ears open at the next event…there may just be a Heidts-equipped car out on the autocross course layin’ down some fast times.

Want to build your own street-going autocross monster? Give the Heidts Sales Team a call toll free at 800/841-8188





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