ISIS Power Documents Heidts Suspension Installation

Our friends at ISIS Power have a cool in-house project vehicle: a 1955 Ford F-100 panel truck. Of course, they are installing their state-of-the-art Intelligent Multiplex System in the truck. But what fun is an old truck with an old suspension?

Jay Harris, president of ISIS Power, contacted Heidts and the wheels were set in motion. Best of all, Harris and his high-tech team, who do a great job with their own how-to videos, decided to document in detail the steps to installing a Heidts Superide II IFS (Independent Front Suspension) under the front of the truck, followed by a Heidts four-link rear suspension out back.

Check out the first two videos below.

Getting Ready: Boxing the Frame Rails

Installing the Heidts front cross member

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  1. Jay Harris says:

    Keep watching for more. We’re working on the brakes now. More videos and blog posts to come.

  2. Is there a finish video of this truck for showing actual installs of front & rear suspensions available. I have a 1964 F-100 that is ready for front end now & possibly the 4-link as well. Was just going to put the Ford 9″ over leaf springs & a nice air shock ? Your thoughts ?

  3. Bernie Kvarnstrom says:

    I’ve just purchased a Superide II front suspension and would like to see the video of the installation. Apparently there is a video ID required. How do I get to see the video of the installation?
    Bernie Kvarnstrom

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